A year of Happy Pessimist

A year of Happy Pessimist

Hello friends!

We've officially been a brand for a little over a year now and what a wild ride! Who knew that we'd have gone from 'a bunch of mates buying my merch' to a well respected local brand in such a short amount of time!


From day one, I launched this brand with the intention of doing good for the community. Be a brand that people would be proud to rep. 

Here are the top three things on my list that I was determined to achieve:

  • Be gender inclusive.
  • Support musicians.
  • Support charities.


I'm so happy to say that we've achieved all three.


On launch day in 2020, it was 'R U OK' day. I hadn't expected a heap of sales but you absolute legends blew my mind and on day one and we raised a heap of cash for charity. 

Since then, we've donated to some epic organisations such as 'Wear It Purple', 'Keep kunanyi Wild' campaign and Support Act*


Within a couple of months of launching the brand we had sponsored our first musician and our roster continues to grow at a rapid rate. Our artists have achieved some AMAZING things since joining the Happy Pessimist family. 

Check out their artist profiles below.


 Thanks for supporting me, and my brand. I love and appreciate every single one of you so much.


Take care and enjoy the festive season.

 - Sarah.


* $5 from every HP Crew Sweater and $1 from every 5 Panel Cap sold is being donated to Support Act. Donations are made on the 1st of every month while stocks last.