I'M MELTING because we have exciting news...

I'M MELTING because we have exciting news...

Today is a great day.

Why? Because today we are announcing that Drastic Park are officially part of the HP family. YASSS.

You already know Joe, he's the guy that carries this band..... 

All jokes aside, Drastic182 are taking us back to that youthful era of the late 90s/early 2000s pop punk era we know and love. In addition to releasing non-stop bangers, such as their most recent single 'Meltdown' (that has had more than a few spins on Triple J), they put on one hell of a live show.

Whenever I go to a Drastic Park show, I know exactly who I'm going to see there. They have the most loyal friends and fans I have ever seen. Despite the fact everyone takes the piss, we know deep down they love these guys.

Meltdown was written in a local rehearsal space in Melbourne just before COVID hit (the first time), and is about the process of losing your cool in a particular situation - whether it be work, school or a relationship. I'm sure there's something that immediately springs to mind for you.

Catch them as they head on tour around the country later this year.


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