Gaurav Jaswal (Tin Pot Clay Man)

Gaurav Jaswal (Tin Pot Clay Man)

Tin Pot Clay Man


Tin Pot Clay Man is the moniker of Gaurav Jaswal, an Indian-Australian multi-instrumentalist (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, synth). TPCM blends together elements of 80's post-punk and shoegaze whilst paying homage to the indie/rock grassroots of Gaurav's previous bands.


Gaurav was born in Abu Dhabi, UAE before his family relocated to Australia at the age of 4. He began playing guitar and drums when he was 9 years old and hasn’t stopped since.


Well known for his time in band Dal Santo who released 2 albums over 7 years together, Gaurav has recently ventured into his new project Tin Pot Clay Man. TPCM’s fun and uplifting debut single, ‘Hostile Reset’ gained attention for its unique vibe and catchy chorus; also receiving radio play all the way in France!


Their latest single, ‘Sleepover News’ is a more serious track inspired by Gaurav’s challenges growing up as an Indian-Australian but driven by a contagiously dancy bass line which stays true to the TPCM sound.


With a debut EP expected in early 2022, keep your eyes peeled for Tin Pot Clay Man!


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