What We Did On The Weekend

What We Did On The Weekend

What We Did On The Weekend

What We Did On The Weekend (WWDOTW) is a podcast based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Starting in 2019 as a way to remember silly stories that happened over the weekends, hosts Jason Mack (Jase) and Mathew Burgess (Burgo) quickly realised that they were just going to heaps of local heavy music gigs.

Inevitably, WWDOTW transformed into a gig review podcast where Jase and Burgo chat about cool bands and venues they'd been to with added nonsense in between.

It didn’t take long before the podcast started gathering momentum in the heavy scene and the boys started doing guest DJ spots and hosting events outside of the podcast. Local bands started approaching them for promotion and that's when they knew things were going really well.

From interviewing bands to reviewing shows and festivals, the podcast was in full flight when Covid hit and put a huge handbrake on shows. 

Instead of packing the pod up, Jase and Burgo worked harder and ramped up the band interviews, chatting to a stack of international and interstate acts. The hustle didn't stop there, they also ran a zoom based music trivia competition with Australian bands and hosted the final at Stay Gold, Melbourne. 

While navigating through Melbourne's wild Covid lockdowns, the boys decided to start booking shows, including the very first live shows back in Melbourne (2020).

Bands that have played for WWDOTW include: Drastic Park, Dregg, Dweller, Earthbound, Wake The Blind, Bad/Love, The Impaler, The Motion Below, Inhibitor, Blklst, In Vanity, Lune, Some Heard Trouble, Static Revenue, Draftday, Atlvs, Tapestry, Cerement, Relapse, Nicolas Cage Fighter, Agnes Manners, Jacob Fitzgerald, Observist, Druid, Loose End, Excuse for an Exit, All Regards, Gravitate, Blood On My Hands, Vengeance, Anticline, Ghost Seeker, Clay J Gladstone, Rumours, Bloom and Deadlights. 

WWDOTW have their 4th annual Beyond Blue fundraiser show coming up at Stay Gold featuring Saviour, Tapestry, Reliqa, Alera and Silver Fang. 

Taking place on November 19, the fundraiser will kick off with live acoustic acts during the day, as well as tattoos and a huge raffle. 

Their previous fundraiser raised over $18k with the help of Alera and Anti Vinyl Vinyl Club. 

WWDOTW have been making cover compilation albums as a part of their annual fundraising efforts. The Better Sessions volume 1 sold out all 200 copies and features tracks from Bad/Love, Drastic Park, Some Heard Trouble and a heap of other cool Australian alternative artists. 

The Better Sessions volume 2 has been announced and is currently available for pre-order via AVVC and will feature bands such as Clay J Gladstone, Headwreck, Loose End and a heap of others. 

Over then 3 and a bit years of the podcast WWDOTW has continued to grow and has now become the number one heavy music based podcast in Australia. They have now welcomed a 3rd member in Dana Hope as a live show photographer and also co-host for monthly gig reviews.

For more information look up @wwdotw on any social media platform. 

Search for 'What We Did On The Weekend' on any podcast platform.



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