Maz playing drums live with Clay J Gladstone

Anthony Maslen (Clay J Gladstone)

Happy Pessimist Clothing Co are proud to present our first sponsored artist of 2022, Anthony Maslen!
Maz playing drums live with Clay J Gladstone 

Maz started drumming at the very young age of 7. He grew up on the North Shore of Sydney in a very non-musical family. Though no one else was very musical it didn’t stop him from following his dream.
Inspiration gathered from bands such as Atreyu, Alexisonfire, Metallica and Everytime I Die. Maz, through these influences and his self taught curiosities of the drums, was able to craft the chops and abilities he has today.
Maz has spent many years in the Sydney music scene both on and off the stage. Whether he’s playing in bands, watching his mates or doing live sound at many local venues, he has never stopped enjoying being around the Australian music scene.
Over the last few years Maz has had the opportunity to play with so many great artists including Born Lion, Vetty Vials, Swine and Good times. In 2021 he found his forever band in the Sydney based Punk Pop Powerhouse, Clay J Gladstone.
We all know covid has tried to halt the Sydney music scene but 2022 has a lot in store for Maz and the rest of the Boys in Clay J Gladstone.
Catch them playing alongside Hellions in May, followed by a monster east coast AM/PM tour with Ocean Sleeper

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