Luana Tosti-Guerra (Paperweight)

Luana Tosti-Guerra (Paperweight)

It's been hard to keep this one under our hat, but we're so excited to announce that Luana Tosti-Guerra, guitar slayer for pop-punk heroes Paperweight, has joined the Happy Pessimist family.

Luana TG playing guitar with Paperweight


Lu took a keen interest in music early in life, and decided to pick up the guitar after her favourite musician Joel Little (Goodnight Nurse) gave her a guitar pick. Shortly after, her uncle bought Lu her first guitar from Aldi (to make sure she actually wanted to play).

She really wanted to play the same guitar as Joel, so she upgraded to a cherry red Epiphone SG not long after.

Once Lu started going to shows, she never stopped. She surrounded herself with Melbourne's live music scene 24/7. Lu attended shows every weekend, ran street teams, volunteered and worked at festivals. By the time she started travelling interstate to support her bands and friends, she'd realised the music bug was well and truly caught.
Fast forward to 2022 and not much has changed. Lu's still at shows every weekend supporting her friends and favourite bands, started her own business (Backbeat Media) to help bands with social media content and running/executing campaigns, and now playing for pop-punk legends, Paperweight.


Paperweight have bolted out of the gates, showing no sign of slowing down. Their first two shows were sold out, with their third on the main stage at Knight and Day music festival alongside some of Australia's biggest acts such as Parkway Drive, Polaris and Bakers Eddy.

With over 24k views in just one month on their latest music video, Paperweight are a force to be reckoned with. Check out 'Scapegoat' below.


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